List View not rendering the first item in a list properly
When using the new List View component. Sometimes items inside the first iteration of the list will not render. As you can see in the gif, the text box is missing from the first component.

Thanks for reporting this!

I believe we are looking into this bug, so I pinged our team internally. Any chance you could share an app export? It might help with our research if we have another example :crossed_fingers:

Unfortunately I had to go with a different implementation to continue development, but it was a fairly basic setup. The data source was an array of strings, the textboxes on change were set to change the value of the array at their index, and a button to filter out the selected index from the array to delete it.

Thanks for letting us know! Glad you were at least able to move forward.

I will follow up here if we ship a fix for this bug. In case anyone is running into similar issues, I also noticed that list views aren't working well inside of forms, so that's another request we're working on :crossed_fingers:

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