ListView components are going crazy

The components in my list view are changing sizes every second it looks like they can't figure out what size they are supposed to be.

Recording 2023-09-04 161133
This is a video representation.

I had the same thing with tables when i had the summary row enabled! I would love for it to be fixed! I just disabled the summary row for the time being.
As a side note, I personally have been trying to stay away from list views as their performance is not great. List views were one of the main components i wanted to use in retool but can't much do to the lagginess i have had. i have swapped alot of ui over to tables. Although it totally changes the whole app and doesn't give as great of a UX as list components can do in some cases

Hi there! Thanks for reporting this :thinking: I'll flag it to our team internally so that we can explore finding a fix. Any chance you can share an app export @Isaac_Black? It would help expedite narrowing down how the app can get into this state

@PadenM Good news for you! We're currently working on a v2 of the listView with a focus on improved performance :tada: Also, the table behavior that you mentioned is being tracked internally & our team should be working on a fix soon

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I'm not authorized to do that.