List Collection Switch

How can you access the Switch property on a row of data in a List Collection?

So for example, I'd like to sum the total of a property of all the items where the switch is On.

Or also get an array of all the List items that are on.

After playing a bit more, it seems you can only select one item in a list using the Switch action type.

So maybe I just need a suggestion how to achieve what I'm trying to.

I have a list of items I would like the user to select from, marking each to be included in the next action. The data comes from a postgres query. Somewhat like a Multi-Select.

The list could be a bit long for a multi-select, so I was thinking to use a List Collection. Perhaps event two Lists; moving an item from one to the other when selected.

Maybe I'm being too complicated and I just need an example of using the multi-select? That component isn't used in any of the example apps.

Hmm... it seems like for now using a Multi-Select may be the best option. It looks like it is possible to get similar behavior with a List Collection but it involves using a temp state to track selected values:

You can create a "Press" event handler that uses setIn to change the value associated with your row's id in your temp state:

You can then set the icon for each List Collection item based on the value of the state:

Beyond that all you need to do is make sure the state is initialized as an empty object:

Here's an example you can import and play around with!

Let me know if that works?