Retool Mobile Beta - Use {{item}} data in event handler

I have a list collection populated with query data ( using {{item.mydatapoint}} ) in Title & Body.

Since {{item}} iterates over my query data, I'm trying to access a specific data point within it (like on a table) to set a temporary state, via event handler, when clicking an item.

In the screenshot, I'm trying to access {{}} to set a temporary state. When setting my handler's state value, {{}} does not work.

I haven't figured out how to do this or know if it's possible, so any help or other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

what component is that? (EDIT: I see its a list collection, the set up below should work)

Event handler set state on press {{collectionView1.selectedItem}} is how i achieve this. I just grab the whole item and filter it down later.

Thanks for the input, Steve - it looks like I do have to filter it down after it's all been dumped to the temporary state value. Not the end of the world, I guess.

Thanks again!