How can I create a custom mobile ListCollection?

I am building a simple app to help my team track their scores during a golf scramble.

The default layout and behavior of the mobile ListCollection is 99% of what I need, but I have some small customizations I'd like to make. Unfortunately, I'm not finding an easy way to create my own custom ListCollection that has a similar horizontal scrolling option.

Is a ListCollection made of other standard components? Could I make one from scratch?
(I want to replace the button with a number input that allows users to toggle their score up + down for each hole.)

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Hi @jeffblankenburg, unfortunately we cannot add a number input to the Mobile "List Collection"component. But as a workaround, we could use the button to go to another page where we show details about this entity and add the inputs there.

For example,

This horizontal collection has a button to send the user to the order "show page:"

On that page, we can add buttons to increment/decrement quantity, or score in your case.

Since your users will editing one hole at a time while they are playing, this extra step should not have a big impact on the user experience.

Doesn’t a custom list collection have horizontal scrolling?