Linting needs fixing!

We've been advised several times that the linting would be fixed but we're on version 3.52.2 (on-prem) and still not fixed.
It still often says (randomly) among most of the items and components 'not defined' it even says that a retool internal property 'current_user' is not defined.
Any ideas when is this going to be fixed?

Hi @peter.b, we definitely still have linting issues both on Apps and Workflows. In order to add your feedback to our internal bug report, could you share where is the current_user object is showing as undefined?

Hey @peter.b, here is an update on this issue:

The linting bugs have improved significantly on cloud but those changes haven't made it to the Self-hosted stable releases yet. They are available on edge releases 3.58.0+. We plan to include all current fixes in the next stable release (tentative date 8/27). On the meantime, we could upgrade to edge releases.

Hi Peter,

I don't know if this is related but I get lots of 'not defined' errors upon start up of the application and then as the app progresses and queries are run they tend to go away.

I find that putting annoying checking code in the query (if x ? 'something' : null) will often fix it although I have mostly given up on that and ignored the linter. I don't know what else to do.

Hi Stewart,
Unfortunately we are 'on-prem' and the linting seems to be totally random, sometimes it works, but more often, it just lets us down badly.