Need help troubleshooting connection to GitHub

Short description: Unable to protect application "Failed pushing page to GitHub. Please try again."

My setup:
ASW, Fargate, self hosting. I have successfully connected Retool into my private GitHub repository waiting for creating of corporate app. It was working and created bunch of files and app folder in my repository.

After corporate app had been created I had done following steps:

  • Recorded new install ID and App ID
  • Regen private key and converted to Base64
  • Changed mentioned data in the AWS SM
  • Restarted Fargate services.
  • Went into settings and changed owner and repository name
  • Pressed button connect and obtained 'connected' green state with GitHub
  • Pressed button unprotect application
  • Pressed button protect application.

I can see new commit in the new repository

yaric/protect-commit-0f9a521a Updated last month by *******

However commit is always empty and error message "Failed pushing page to GitHub. Please try again." always appears. I feel something stuck, but do not know what.

Runner has an error:
31m{"source":"GIT_SYNC","level":"error","message":"Failed saving changes to Git Error: error:06065064:digital envelope routines:EVP_DecryptFinal_ex:bad decrypt","pid":9,"timestamp":"2023-06-14T00:49:57.410Z"}e[39m

What is bad decrypted? It cannot be private key, because I can see branch created.

Thank You.

****** FIXED ******************


• Cannot create new application “Application error”
• Existing application does not see DB
• Page https://*********/resources is empty. No buttons.
• Attempting to deploy results in the error log attached.

More errors:

Error: error:06065064:digital envelope routines:EVP_DecryptFinal_ex:bad decrypt
at (node:internal/crypto/cipher:193:29)
at decryptCBC (/snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/common/encryption.js)
at decryptWithoutPrefix (/snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/common/encryption.js)
at decrypt (/snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/common/encryption.js)
at Resource.databasePassword (/snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/server/orm/models/resource.js)
at Resource.get (/snapshot/retool_development/node_modules/sequelize/lib/model.js:3513:41)
at Resource.get (/snapshot/retool_development/node_modules/sequelize/lib/model.js:3547:33)
at Resource.toJSONHelper (/snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/server/orm/models/resource.js)
at Resource.toJSON (/snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/server/orm/models/resource.js)
at /snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/server/common/appStateSerialization.js
at ()
at buildResourceLookup (/snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/server/common/appStateSerialization.js)
at /snapshot/retool_development/backend/transpiled/server/modules/syncWithGit/index.js

UPDATE: error caused by missing ENCRYPTION_KEY variable.

Hey @yaric44, sorry for the late reply here - what is the current state of your deployment?

My error was a server misconfiguration on container start. Its fixed, thank you.

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