Issue with Component Layout Changing Unexpectedly

Dear Forum Members,

I apologize if this question seems trivial, but I've encountered a perplexing issue with components. Originally, the component's layout had labels and input fields aligned on the same line, as shown in the left image attached. However, suddenly, the layout changed to a line-break format, resembling the right image.

I am unsure what caused this sudden shift. Could anyone provide insight into why this might have happened? Additionally, I would appreciate guidance on how to revert the component back to its original layout (as shown on the left).

Thank you for your assistance.

I am a fool. hahahaha
There is a position option in label setting.

Thanks for sharing the solution, @Hayoung_Lee! I'm sure others may run into this and can now search and find the answer! Retool sure does have a lot of configurable settings -- glad you found what you needed under the Appearance section in the Inspector panel when clicking into the Label settings! :slightly_smiling_face:

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