Is this possible with Retool?

I'm a Python developer and have been building some apps based on Django in the past. A customer approached me with a pretty simple request, and I was now wondering if something like that would also be possible with Retools.

Its basically a very simple team scheduling software with the following features:

  • Manage projects
  • Manage Teams
  • there is a weekly view (like in the screenshot) you can assign teams to projects/days. Granularity is half days and multiple teams can work on the same day at the same project.
  • The user can jump to the next week
  • If on a small device it would only show the current day and you can move via pagination to the previous/next day
  • Have some small notification options: When there are changes in the next two weeks send a SMS notification
  • have some simple reporting, like project A, how many days work.

Well that's it. This is pretty forward if I do it custom code, but I thought it might be a good case to explore those no-code tools... figuring out if they are really that simple or if they only work on table/form like data.

I guess am going to stick my neck out on this one.

You could accomplish this with the ListView component. Each project (row) would be a an item and each day (column) would be an HTML component that displays the team.

There are two ways to do the HTML - one is to have multiple components that have the right label, background color and position and hide/show each one per some logic. The other way is for each to be a custom component that builds the layout of the cell. There may be a way to accomplish the latter with a plain HTML component and some creative use of CSS and ternary operators.

The other way is to build a custom component to do the whole thing, but then you are back to just building it from scratch essentially.

Retool is working in an update to the ListView that will allow a grid layout and that may make it a bit easier, but who know at this point.

I would say that just doing this one thing in Retool is probably not worth it at this point, but as part of a larger suite of apps you build in Retool, this would be a fine addition.