Is there a way to see usage volume of different Apps?

Hey, we have an interesting ask. Our Retool has been through a couple different devs and there has been some turnover and so there's kind of a backlog of pages we aren't sure if people are still using.

Is there a good way to view usage statistics of different apps so we can approach the different stakeholders and learn who might still be relying on v1.0 material that we don't move their cheese by surprise?

Retool analytics exist but they're only available to Enterprise customers, sadly
You could roll your own implementation though it could be quite labour intensive.

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@Bill_Boulden as @dcartlidge mentioned this is an Enterprise feature. I've created an internal feature request to open this up to other plans as well. If you are self hosted, then you can query the audit_trail_events table to track page views etc. But a full analysis would take time to build out.