Is it possible to to use Retool 'WORKFLOWS' with Stripe (e.g. to initiate a Refund)?


In Retool, we are having a Table to show info from Stripe (to show "all payment transactions").

We are trying/planning on adding button for each row to initiate a REFUND in Stripe.

That button should to trigger the following actions:

  • Update STRIPE database (initiate and complete the refund)
  • Update our INTERNAL database (where we have all the Orders data)
  • Initiate an EMAIL, to both 'buyer' and 'merchant' as we are a 'marketplace'. Ideally using current Retool integration with SendGrind

Since we need to trigger multiple actions, but in sequence (i.e., we should only do last step to send Email when Stripe has confirm the refund), our plan is to use, as we'd like to use a visual programming tool and avoid using actual code.

The question is:
Could we use Retool WORKFLOWS product for this task (to initiate Stripe Refunds)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @jose2021,

I am not sure I am following how you want to trigger a refund. I see all the pieces you'd like to update from the action but not what starts the process.

My thought based on our own experience with Stripe is to build a retool app to initiate a Stripe refund which will

  • Update your database that a refund has been initiated
  • send a request to the Stripe API to initiate a refund
  • parse the response of the refund request verifying it went through and other data you need
  • update your database that the refund has been processed
  • send emails to buyer
  • send email to merchant

One way I see Retool Workflows helping is if you setup a webhook to fire on refunds at Stripe and catch it with Workflows to process the refund in to your database, etc. as needed.

Knowing your intended process would be helpful to solidify my thoughts above.

Hey there!

I also have a couple of questions here:

  1. Do you have the queries you need set up in Retool already?
  2. Are you looking specifically to have a visual summary of your flow that people can edit?

It might be worth exploring success handlers to have them fire one after another. As @brettski mentioned it would be helpful to know a bit more about your process but it sounds as though you might be able to implement it within the Retool app without needing to add extra code.