Ipad Keeps Loggin out user

Many of my users have iPads and use the Retool app. But It consistently logs them out. The phones seems fine, but when it comes to the iPad the log out it consistent. Is this expected?

Not expected. One thing that is expected though is if you're sharing accounts, logging out on one device will log out every device using that same account. If that's not what you're doing then it may be a bug. Do you have any more details on the timing of these logouts? Does it happen randomly, or only when the app has been inactive for a while, a particular time of day, etc?

I will try and get some info from my tech. Their always out in the field and probably don't know the occurrence.
But they just use the iPads, its on their phones but never use the phone much

So if I have an iPad and an iPhone, I can’t be logged in with the same account at the same time?

You can be logged in to the same account on multiple devices. Just note that when you log out on any one device, it logs you out everywhere.

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