Introducing App-level themes & typography controls

Hi everyone! Over the next few days we'll be rolling out a new feature -- custom App Themes with typography controls!

If you're on a business or enterprise plan, you'll now have the ability to select "custom app theme" from the theme selector, and apply custom styles to your app without needing to be an admin on your account. These theme settings will only apply to your current app. If you attempt to change a value in the theme editor, we will switch you over to "custom app theme" and overwrite the previously set custom theme -- org-level themes cannot be updated from the App Settings screen.

If your organization does not have access to org-level themes, you will still be able to set a custom app theme!

We're also launching some expanded theming capabilities, including the ability to set a custom typeface, and ability to control sizes for h1-h6 and the default font.

Note that not all custom typefaces may work with the line heights used in Retool apps (generally 1em-1.5em). We are looking to expand typography controls in the future, including line height/font weight customization, and component level font configuration. As always, we'd love to hear any requests for further styling customization in Retool!

Feel free to leave your organization's domain in the comments if you wish to receive early access. Happy building!


Awesome please activate my org

Yes please! :scream:

Done! :white_check_mark:

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@mckenna I can't see this typography session on my retool instance, is this still available?

@fmaltafleury-techinsights it should be available in 3.25 onward!

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@mckenna please!