Increased canvas width


I’ve been increasing the width of some of my Retool apps using this trick: Cool hack 🤖 –– full-width retool canvas!

This works fine for tables with a lot of columns. :slight_smile:

However I’m wondering if and when you are going to support a wider canvas so I can put more regular components side by side?



Hey @mm79! Good to hear from you again :slight_smile:

What do you mean wider, exactly? Right now, the Retool canvas is usually (for me at least) full width on a laptop, and less so on a bigger monitor. Would you want it to be scrollable?

I think I mean scrollable, I’m not sure.
It is full screen on my laptop (1920px wide) and full screen on my bigger monitor (3440px wide), but everything is just stretched there.

A better explanation may be this: When I start with a blank app I can put 2 default containers on it side by side. I cannot place a third container there next to the other 2, although that would be very nice to have

Hello, it’s been a while since my last post and I’m wondering… will an increased width be supported in the future?

Hey @mm79! Still haven’t been able to prioritize this on our end. We’ll update the thread when we’re able to get to it!

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Any update on this?

Hi @dhof! Unfortunately we haven't implemented this feature yet. Will keep you posted.

Hi @sbhat any news about that?

Hey all! No updates yet, but I just bumped this internally. Will keep this thread updated with any good news :slightly_smiling_face:

Great ! :+1:

Would be nice to be able to adjust the grid, especially horizontal. It feels like now the width is often too wide to position certain elements better on the canvas.

As a quick workaround until we natively support this, would the following CSS snippet work for you? It should work on Retool 2.96+ to increase the canvas width!

:root { --retool-canvas-max-width: 99%; }
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For folks following along, we're doing our best to prioritize this ASAP! Keep your +1's coming :slight_smile:

We now support a configurable canvas max width! :tada: :tada: :tada:

There are a few enhancements / investigations that we wanted to look into before starting to ramp this feature to all orgs, but none of these would involve any backwards incompatible changes so let me know if you're interested and I'll get it enabled for you.

That's great news Victoria! :+1:

I would really like to try this new feature; can you enable it on my account?

ps: should remove the custom css (:root { --retool-canvas-max-width: 99%; }) when I use the feature?

Absolutely! Will let you know once it's enabled for you. And I believe you should be able to remove the custom CSS, but I will double check :slight_smile:

Just enabled for your org! Though it looks like we'll need to wait until our next cloud deploy to get the app setting.

Hey Victoria! Is there a date when this will go live?

I've tried the :root { --retool-canvas-max-width: 99%; } but I don't think its still working?

Hey @lukxf! This is now an app level setting :slight_smile: If I enable a flag for you, you can actually access this setting within the app settings. Otherwise, you can hang tight until it's fully rolled out to all Cloud orgs. Let me know if you're interested in the flag!

Once the flag is enabled, here's how you can use it:

1. Click the three dots in the top right corner

2. Click "App settings"

3. Set canvas max width

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Hey @victoria - if you could enable it for us that would be fantastic. :slight_smile: