Increased canvas width


I’ve been increasing the width of some of my Retool apps using this trick: Cool hack 🤖 –– full-width retool canvas!

This works fine for tables with a lot of columns. :slight_smile:

However I’m wondering if and when you are going to support a wider canvas so I can put more regular components side by side?


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Hey @mm79! Good to hear from you again :slight_smile:

What do you mean wider, exactly? Right now, the Retool canvas is usually (for me at least) full width on a laptop, and less so on a bigger monitor. Would you want it to be scrollable?

I think I mean scrollable, I’m not sure.
It is full screen on my laptop (1920px wide) and full screen on my bigger monitor (3440px wide), but everything is just stretched there.

A better explanation may be this: When I start with a blank app I can put 2 default containers on it side by side. I cannot place a third container there next to the other 2, although that would be very nice to have