Included moment-timezone no longer includes data?

Was there an update to the included moment library sometime today? All of a sudden my timezone stuff started throwing errors because the zone IDs (america/new_york, etc.) failed to recognize. It’s as if the bare bones moment-timezone.js got loaded instead of moment-timezone-with-data.js.

For now I'm working around by manually adding the moment-timezone-with-data.js library under the “Libraries” tab in “Scripts and styles“. But I’d love to learn what happened and whether it will happen again with other included libraries.

Any insight?

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We are also seeing this, and is very problematic for us. Not only display of dates, but any mutating of dates are incorrect, send onward to our backend, causing data-integrity issues for us.

Can anyone from Retool help here please?

Hey folks! Sorry for not catching this thread and posting a reply on the forums. This is an incident that the dev team investigated and pushed a fix for on Friday. Are the two of you still having problems with moment?

I can’t say as I’m pulling my own version of moment now and am hesitant to move off it for fear of encountering more random updates that break it. It’s pretty scary to have a product in production that breaks without being touched. It makes Retool feel very unstable as a platform, and I'm now in a mindset of isolating as much as I can from that platform.

We pulled our own version of moment like @jse mentions. We have since removed it and everything appears to be back to normal.

I second @jse 's sentiment around random breaking updates.

Thanks for posting your updates here @jse and @matty. I can definitely imagine that a sudden issue like this would make you lose some of your trust in the stability of Retool.