Error encountered on external library [moment-business-days]

Hi there, I'm trying to use moment-business-days as additional plug-in to moment.js to support business days calculation for my app. I encountered an error loading the said library to my application (screenshot below):
Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 3.52.41 pm

I can do simple biz day calculation but not really sure if that's gonna be accurate (I know it won't be accurate since it'll be cumbersome to take into considerations the different holidays). Can this be added as an extension for moment.js in retool? I know moment-timezone is already there since I can use moment().tz().


Hi @jocen :wave: thanks for reaching out with this! As a first-step, would you be able to provide the specific CDN URL that you're using to import the custom JS package (moment-business-days)?

Hi Luke, happy new year! Yep sure, here's the one I used:

from this site:


Hey there! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this is working for us. I just moved this to a feature request!

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Hey, any updates for this error?

Trying to use moment-business-days and having the same issue

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I'd love to know if anybody has gotten this to work too!

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Any news ?

Hey there :slightly_smiling_face: -- confirming that this library isn't compatible with Retool at the moment. Users have, however, been able to use the workaround highlighted here successfully!