Documenting Applications


Quite a general question but I was wondering if any of you consider end-user documentation/guidance/help when writing applications and, if so, how do you deliver it?

Does Retool have this capability natively or have you devised some kind of clever hack to use Retool to surface help to users at the point of use?

I'm sure more mature dev teams and organisations will have their own processes but as we're quite new to this space and operating from a green-field position, I would like to glean any helpful tips you folks might have...


Have you read this doc

Thanks Scott, I'd not seen that but having read it (and it looks just the job), I've noticed there is no such option available to me.
Is this a cloud-only feature? We're running self-hosted. Or possibly is there a config setting we need to enable?

I tagged this as self-hosted and @Kabirdas may be able to assist - I am using Cloud I don't know

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Thanks for flagging @ScottR!

This is an experimental feature flag we can turn on for self-hosted instances, will coordinate getting that set up :slightly_smiling_face:

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