Image Component Render Problem

  • Goal: Rendering this Image using the image component with the Fixed Height and Contain Width options.

  • Steps: I tried different images and they worked, but I don't understand why this image doesn't render correctly.

  • Details: It works fine with the auto height scaling option, but it doesn't render with fixed height option.

  • Screenshots:

  • App json export:

Hi @Halis_Bal,

I'm seeing the same issue :thinking: I'll file this as a bug for our team to fix.

As a workaround, it seems like it works to trigger a Rest query to that image url and then put the query's base64 data into the image source instead:

:thinking: Not sure if anything changed on your side, but this is now working for me with either approach - let me know if you're still seeing issues

Hi @Tess , thank you for your alternative solution! I still have the rendering problem while using the URL directly. Note: problem occurs only when I use Fixed Height with Contain Width options.

Here is a screenshot I just have taken.

Interesting - not sure how it randomly started working for me :thinking: In any case, I'll still report this as a bug. The alternative solution works for the time being?

Yes, triggering a Rest Query and using its base64 data works perfectly fine. Interestingly, after I tried with the rest query solution, the problem is also fixed in my test application (Maybe because of the cache, idk). Now I can see the images without any problem in that app. But I am sure there is a bug somewhere, because in my main application, problem still continues. I have this image components within a gridview component, still one image doesn't render correctly which is the image I shared with you initially.