I'm Building a DM Toolset for Dungeons & Dragons in Retool

Hey folks! Just thought I would jump in here to share a quick tutorial I put on Twitter on how I've started to build a set of DM tools for running a Dungeons & Dragons (tabletop RPG) game with Retool. The first thing I built was a dice roller - details and links to the app are in the tweet.

:game_die: :european_castle: :dragon:


Love it, I'm tinkering around with a darts scorekeeper currently but this might be my next project! We use Foundry for our games, an app like this might actually make it much easier to manage all the different screens and character sheets and everything. Having one screen open where you can control everything rather than 3-4 would be huge.

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I'm definitely going to follow your journey. I took my first stab at programming DM tools back in the 80's on my Commodore-64. It was great fun!

I don't really do Twitter, so post back here as you have new stuff to show off.

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The tabletop RPG community is always on the lookout for handy tools to enhance their gaming experience. I'll definitely check out your tutorial on Twitter and the dice roller app you've created. It's amazing how technology can seamlessly integrate with the world of D&D.