5 Months of Retool: Many Challenges but We Made it - Articles, Images, ChatGPT and WordPress Integrated with Retool


If you asked me 5 months ago if I was tired, I would have said yes. If you asked me today, I would say yes I don't know where I got the strength from, but I do know and understand (God, my family, dedication, and my son, John!).

I would like to share with you what I have done with Retool and receive feedback, criticism, questions, and create good things =D

I decided to launch aiGrow, a branch of WPRaiz, our Brazilian Startup focused on WordPress, AI, and ML which now has a "child".

The application has functions (my python codes) running in different environments, in some cases we are using AWS Lambda, and in others (migrating) to Azure Functions. The articles generated are the result of almost 12 months of dedication and passion for an area that completely changed the way I was determined to face the next 10,20-%n years, AI and ML.

I recorded a short video to demonstrate our apps and the integration process with WordPress via Retool.

As I said, I am very tired but I promise I will try to update this post with screenshots and, if anyone is interested, we can try to make some screens available, for example, the ChatGPT apps with modulated prompts.

I would like to thank all the staff of Retool for the care they have given me since the first day I entered/entered and especially Alina who sent me the Retool gift pack (BEAUTIFUL!)


@alina.retool Thanks!


Absolutely amazing!

LOVE THE CUSTOM UI in retool! How did you do that??? :slight_smile:

Retool needs to do a webinar with you so you can show off how you did all this!


Thank you very much @pmsteil, I'm one of those who wear the idea and practice of doing good while we can. This project was challenging and as I always kind of had to turn myself alone throughout my personal life and as a Dev, besides having a very small budget and also the issue of security and codes that took me so long to create (also alone, but in this case I have "new" friends, I came back to programming after almost 8 years without really taking the backend, I fell in love with python and remembered my C/C++ times during my cien.comp graduation).

As I said, I am exhausted but I still need to train the new staff and spread the word, after all, what good is something "locked".

I decided to share with the Brazilian community some videos and solutions and one of them, as they are talking so much but most of the time (here in Brazil, at least) 90% don't even know what in fact GPT-3 means, so I decided to record 2 videos to release free apps with a simple setup that will be in Retool, making some queries with things that I normally don't see in these apps that are coming out of ChatGPT (which is actually GPT-3, with the 003/myamigo-davinci-003). For example, I don't see comments about the importance of a log control, of a filter content + moderation, and this Retool can offer in a unique way, either in integration, administration, visualization, etc.

Feel invited to join forces and connect with us, on the 27th of this month we will participate in an OpenAI Hackathon and of course, I will show our 100% Retool panels!

Hugs =D

@pmsteil [I'll be very honest, after almost 12 years making sites, with more than 500 saved backups (old client projects), I couldn't be happy with the Layout (theme, colors), but thanks again for liking it, I'll try to update the post with the new prints.]

I am testing some embedded apps (iframe via components) running python via Streamlit inside Retool, this is our case with ChatGPT (improved, obviously I am using davinci-003).

Hey wpraiz_staff. I also have a streamlit app I want to embed in retool. How can I go about it? I tried using the iFrames component but it says streamlit.io redirected too many times. How were you able to do this? Thanks