IFrame Clipboard access issue


I am having an issue in the following scenario. In my retool app, I try to embed using an iframe one of my other applications. The role of this application is to integrate google places API, and by searching a place, it moves the map around, and shows me the PlaceID. I need that PlaceID in Retool, and I have tried, by pressing a button, to copy it to the browser's clipboard, in order to be pasted in Retool, where I need it.

Unfortunately, I receive the following error: Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Disabled in this document by Feature Policy.

That is because Retool iframe component doesen't offer access to clipboard-write policy.

It would help a lot to update the iframe allow policy to match as many (or possibly all the) allow policies on iframes.

Worth mentioning that in an HTML Component I tried adding an <iframe src="..." allow="clipboard-write"></iframe> but it doesen't seem to render it.

I'm experience the same issue. Any progress on this?

Hi @JeremyBi

Thanks for checking in! No updates for this feature yet. What is the iframe that you're using?

I'm wondering if it's something you could code up in a custom component instead of using an iFrame (using JS or React). If so, you could update your component model with text from within the custom component & trigger a Retool query to copy+paste the text.