I need to reference Tables!

I'm trying to reference tables in the same DB. I need to be able to grab data and present it in a report that merges the information. However Retool doesn't have any clear junction objects to associate the tables. Can anyone help me with this?

@Mr.F Can you share any more information? What kind of DB? Any screenshots?
Have you written any queries and it is simply not working? Are you asking for someone here in the forum to actually write the code? Any more information will help the community help you. :slight_smile:

@ScottR I wrote a query to get the data. I stored a few in the library for reference but when I create an app and point a table to that data source I get errors and no data prints. I want the whole table so it's plainly a 'select * from "DB_Name";'. Also as I tried to add more tables and force it a bit, it just got kerfluffed!

Did you import the query? Screenshots will really help me help you.

Can't do screenshots, but I got it figured. I used a somewhat modified version of this;
FROM table1
JOIN table2 ON table1.common_column = table2.common_column
JOIN table3 ON table1.common_column = table3.common_column;

Now I'll try to build a manually triggered flow to create the report based on the users input. Some of the columns aren't properly named so I don't think I can reference them directly. However I can't change the naming because the Bio's will freak! lolol. Thanks for replying and helping out! Much appreciated!