Retool Managed Database not available as datasource for Table in App editor

I am new to this platform and trying to learn. I set up a Retool Managed Database already and want to create an App to interact with it. I dragged in a table object into the app but when I try to connect my data source in the dropdown it only says:
-use Javascript
-use array
-demo data
*create new query

I cannot see the Retool Managed Database available to use as a data source which is what I would like to do. I have created a query that pulls data from the table, so I know the software can connect to the resource.

  1. Is this not an option to use a retool managed database for this purpose and does this only work using an externally hosted database/sql server?

  2. How do I link a data source to a table if it is not showing up?


Hi @kwcwr , welcome.

You’ll have to use the query output as you datasource in your table. You can’t reference the database directly.
Also make sure that you’ve actually ran your query so it has some data as a result. Preview is not enough.

I didn't have a clue what I was doing at first but have done some homework to learn. I have since learned some basic queries and created a form with a table, input boxes for numbers, texts, and enums that are all working and interfacing with my DB correctly now. Not bad for a newbie. I have to say I really like this ecosystem you have created for this. I needed to create queries that pull down values, update values, and also map the enums. Thank goodness for this forum though otherwise I wouldn't have figured any of that out.