I can't get Background for Containers to work

See the image. Is there some other setting?

Hey @George_B – welcome to the Retool forum and thanks for your post!

It looks like container2 in your image does have a blue background! It’s a soft blue, so it might be hard to tell. By the way, containers also have an optional header area that only shows up when you add text to the Title property of the container. Once you add a title there, you’ll see the darker blue header. Here’s an example of the difference:

  • Container 2 is set to have a title and blue background.
  • Container 3 is set to have a blue background, but no title is set, so we don’t see the header for that container.

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Thanks. I expected the entire container to be the background color and since i didn’t want to take up the screen space for the title I figured it wasn’t working.