Containers are Always Hidden

Hello everyone.

I'm facing this issue that 4 of my containers are hidden not sure why. The hidden properties are false for all these containers but I'm not sure what's making them hidden. The app was working fine last night. Any idea how to inspect this?

The containers are part of a tabbed container.

Thank you

Thanks for reaching out! Do you mind sending the export of the app to help us debug?

Thank you but it's something for work so I don't think I can share it. The issue has happened to 4 of the containers that I worked on last night. But it doesn't happen to the containers I just create now. How do you think i can inspect it?

I see. Alternatively, do you mind allowing us (Retool support) to inspect the app? If so can you provide the app name (via private message if you are not comfortable sharing in the forum)?

Ok, I'll try a few things on my own first and if I couldn't fix it I'll ask at work to share the app with you. Thanks.

Sure! Please feel free to reach out again. A few things that may be worth looking into:

  1. (you probably already did this, but just want to make sure) - does the issue persist after refreshing?
  2. Did you toggle off show body, show header and show footer on the containers?
  3. Did you see any error messages in retool or in the console?

Also, does this happen without you or others making any changes all of a sudden? Or did it happen after some edit actions, or did you upgrade the containers?

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Hi @hajarNasr, If you don't feel comfortable sharing your app on the forum, you can reach out to us directly in Support and share it in a private chat instead. To chat with Support you can click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen and then select Chat with support from the menu.

If you do write to us in support please link this community post in one of your initial messages to help us get the context of your issue.

Hey @everett_smith and @yyjhao, I'm sorry I didn't add an update here earlier but the problem is now fixed. I'm not sure how to be honest but it was most likely something wrong I was doing because resetting some of the things I was working on made the fix.
Anyway, thank you so much for your support. :blush: