HELP! Missing background color for containers

As of today, I think a new Retool Mobile version may have rolled out, but I no longer have any style/background options for containers.

My app looks all funky now and it's a major block.

Please fix!

I just turned off the updated UI. Can you check again?

The style section on the right now shows again, but the container is still empty, as if the background color setting is ignored.

Ok, so I got it working by setting the color again, although it was already set for some containers that were inside custom collections.

For others, it was picking up fine.

@bca After refreshing the app today (Retool v3.5.0-8775e9a (Build 108720)), the interface got funky again as before.

This time, it wasn't only the background that needed to be reset, but most other container properties:

  • Direction (was set as horizontal but displayed as vertical)
  • Gap (was set to 12 but displayed as 0)
  • Padding ( was set to 12/12, but displayed as 0)
  • Hidden (was set to a condition, but displayed false)
  • Background (was set to a red-like color, but displayed as unset - white)

The issue was the same as before: all properties were there but ignored. To fix it, I had to go through each property and choose a value other than the one already set, and then choose the original value again.

Strangely, some properties were maintained and needed no additional action:

  • Align
  • Width
  • Corners

Ok, so the problem is even bigger, it seems. The issues described above happen every time I reload Retool.

So every time I load the app, the containers lose their configuration and I have to re-enter all the values.


UPDATE: Looks like I can more easily click Reset State for the container and it fixes it also, sparing me the hassle of resetting all the values.

Still, any ideas why it's happening?

Unfortunately I don't have any hypotheses for this. Please let me know -- are you still blocked? If you are currently seeing this or if you see this again, email me at braden AT retool dot com and we can hop on a debugging call. The bug in the updated UI that I enabled on Friday should have only caused some controls in the editor to get hidden, but the underlying app template (the data structure the editor controls are manipulating) should have been unchanged and your apps should have been working as before.

Hi Braden,

Yes, I just checked today to see if the issue is still present and it still is. I will send you an email in a few.

Thank you for the follow up.

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@bca Thank you for your assistance with this today.

To wrap up, the issue seemed to be with the container having an empty initial state when inside a custom collection.

The solution was to duplicate the entire custom collection and then just delete the old one. The duplicated collection works as intended.

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