I Built a Complaint Manager App With Retool AI - Take a look at my prototype

Hi everbody!

I just built a prototype for a complaint manager app with Retool and AI-generated automated response e-mails. Here is the result:

In this UI employees are able to quickly enter customer complaints by typing in just a short description and selecting the customer / user:

Once the complaint is created by hitting "Create new complaint" a workflow is triggered which is using UI text generation to write an individual e-mail for apologizing for this specific complaint.

Therefore the necessary input is retrieved from the respective database tables (complaint description and user). Those pieces of information are then used in a workflow AIQuery for generating a text for an e-mail message to the use:

Next this generated text is sent via e-mail to the user providing confirmation that now it is taken care of the complaint:

The status of the complaint record in the database is updated as well after the e-mail has been sent out.

The generated e-mail contains an individual text, here is an example:

The complaint is then listed with status "In Process" in the complaint overview table:

From there it can be set to closed by hitting the respective line action button.

It's really great how Retool's AI capabilities can be integrated easily in such kind of applications ...

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