How to reuse properly a Form for New and Update data? Filling out it manually

Hello there :wave:

I'm having a hard time reusing a form to create and edit data. I want to implement the following behaviour:

  1. When I click the New Product modal button, the form opens empty and allows me to create new products. [done]

  2. When I click the pencil icon in the table, the form with the MongoDB data opens.
    I already have the query, but I don't know where to inject the data. And how to do that without breaking behavior #1 (above)

What is the best way to achieve this? Thanks in advance !!

Hi @Tess, sorry to bother you. Could you guide me here?

Hey @Carlos_Narez!

Is this something you're still looking into? I'm curious if using a Set data event handler for your form works here:

Can you let me know if it does, or if you've come up with a different solution in the meantime?