Table input inside a form

Hi , Is there a way I can let user input data in a tabular form inside a form ?

Hi @Pawan_Prajapati

Happy to help with your use case! Can you share more details or screenshots of what you're working on? Are you looking to have an editable table inside a form component?

This is my scenario

  1. I have a main form inside which i have another form which is contained in a modal.
  2. Now everytime a user fill a modal form, i append the input in a temporary state.
  3. Now in a main form i record and show user all the data stored in that particular state.
    What I want is : a user can go and edit the data which he have allready entered in a modal form !
    Do you have any idea how can I achieve this ?

Hi @Pawan_Prajapati,

Thank you! Here are some ideas - let me know if it helps:

1) Un-check the default behavior to reset the form on submit. That way, it'll keep the same values until they load the page.

2) If possible, reference the state value in the default value of the form components. If you'd like some other value to show when there is no temp state value yet, you could do a conditional like {{state1.value? state1.value.textInput1 :}}