How to hide the virtual keyboard when in mobile mode

Hi All,

We currently have an app that scans barcode using the scanner component in retool. The problem is that we would like to hide/remove the virtual keyboard whenever it the focus is on the component (TextboxVoucherNumber). Tried various ways on creating a script to remove the keyboard but no luck.

Another thing is if we can make the webapp go full screen when opening it on mobile.


Hey @ggwp!

If you want to display a web app without the top banner you can try using setting the _embed=true url parameter (docs here). Otherwise, if you're looking for the behavior of a native mobile app you'll likely want to check out Retool Mobile!

The scanner behavior seems odd :thinking: are you using a separate component as the TextboxVoucherNumber component and triggering the scan elsewhere? Have you tried disabling the input component and then setting it programmatically?