iOS / iPad keyboard control


Is there a way to control via Retool (or otherwise) the type of keyboard that shows up.
For instance, I just need my users to put in numerical data most of the time and so the full iPad keyboard that pops up isn't ideal for two reasons - it takes up a lot of the screen and the numerical part is cumbersome to access.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to tackle this problem with a clever solution or workaround?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @bg1900!

If you have a number input component, the user will be prompted with a phone dial looking set of options with 0-9!

hmm interesting. I definitely don't see that on our iPads here when we use a number component.
Is there any option or setting that may need to be adjusted to make this work?

Interesting, there shouldn't need to be a setting or any adjustments made.

I can ask our IT team if we have an iPad to test this on.

that'd be great, thanks! I'm interested to hear what they find

Hey @bg1900!

Just tested on our end. Retool app on iPad using a number input should give users a number only input but does in fact currently pull up a full keyboard :sweat_smile:

Will be reporting this bug to the engineer team and will keep you update on any news I hear!

Excellent. Thank you.

It’d be really nice if the numpad that pops up has an enter key so that the users can move from the numberinput component to other components via keyboard interaction

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