How to export data into a text file and move it onto FTP server

Hi everyone
I have two challenges which I am facing, and I wasn't able so far to find any reliable solution for it.

  1. I do have a dataset with like 2'000 records and I need to export them into a CSV (or plain text file). The records should be separated with a tab.
    How can I do this? I tried utils.downloadFile as well as utils.exportData, but both appear to be unusable since I want the records being separated by a tab.

  2. How can I export the file directly onto an FTP server.

Thank you for any help.

Hey @Reboon!

I don’t think the separate tab export functionality is possible.

For exporting directly into an FTP, I think you’d need to be able to run a query that passes data to an endpoint. Do you have a current query in Retool that you’re starting off with?