Integration of python script for reconciliation automation

We recently developed a Python script that automates the reconciliation of payment files, which significantly enhances our operational efficiency.

At present, this script is run in Google Colab, where I manually upload CSV or Excel files from our internal system and our providers. The script then processes these files to produce a summary of matched and unmatched items. While this system works, I am seeking to further streamline this process.

We want to inquire about the feasibility of integrating this Python script into Retool. My goal is to create a more user-friendly interface where users can simply upload the necessary files with a click of a button, and the reconciliation is carried out by the existing Python script.

Could you please provide me with information on:

The possibility of integrating a custom Python script into Retool.
The steps involved in this integration process.
Any specific requirements or limitations that I should be aware of.

Integrating this script into Retool would significantly enhance our workflow and operational efficiency. I am eager to learn more about how we can achieve this and would appreciate any guidance or resources you can provide.

I look forward to your response and any recommendations you may have.

Hello! Welcome to the forums.

You can directly select Python for use in a workflow node:

Since this involves a workflow, it would need to be setup to accept a webhook to trigger the scripting and return the reconciliation data back to your app where the contents can be displayed to users.

The basic steps:

  1. Create app with file drops
  2. When all files are dropped, trigger (via button or logic) the webhook with the file data passed through
  3. Scripting runs in workflow and returns final data back to app
  4. App components show results.

I believe you can also incorporate Python directly into your apps but I think that is a little more "workaroundish".

Hi Pyrrho,

Thanks a lot for the feedback

Hi all,

I want to write out my result to an excel file on retool. I would be displaying results on multiple sheets in the excel file. How do I do this without excelwriter since the module is not supported in retool

You might be able to achieve this using this post as a guide:


Retool workflows does not support the utils.exportData or utils.downloadFile method. can u provide an alternative way to downloand the excel file
we cant use retool app because the excel file is generated using python code which is not supported in retool app

Hi @Mide1902, You can trigger a Workflow from within a Retool app by selecting the Retool Workflow option from the Resource dropdown in the query editor!

So you could set up an app that triggers your Workflow and then allows users to download the returned data as needed with one of the util methods you named. I hope that helps :grin: