FTP Client to my own ftp server

I have an FTP server. How do I build a retool client to PUT and GET files. things like ls?
I don't see any examples or tutorials.
I don't want to use S3 I want to use my own FTP server

Hi @stephen1215 since it's your own FTP server and it sounds like you aren't using one of Retool's integrations my first guess would be to explore connecting to it through a REST API. Do you have something like that for your FTP server?

I have a similar issue here. I have a table with data in Retool that I want to upload as a CSV file on an external server via (S)FTP. I couldn't find anything in the docs.

Hey @tuncpolat! Just to clarify here, we don't have a built-in FTP connector at the moment, also moving this into feature requests for that reason :slightly_smiling_face:

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