How to create great multi-page apps (Guide)

New guide up on the Bold Tech site: how to create multi-page apps with great UX/UI!

With the recent upgrade in speed on Retool, it's so much easier to create great multi-page systems. Splitting up your apps allows you to reduce large loads to improve speed of queries, streamline maintenance and give a true admin portal feel to your apps.

We discuss when you should break up your application systems into separate pages (aka. separate Retool 'apps'), and how you should do this best. We also give some great UX/UI tricks to keep your application infrastructure performant and effective.

Top tips include:

  • Passing information between apps (local storage vs URL parameters)
  • Breadcrumbs for navigation
  • Organizing your apps and creating landing pages
  • Maintaining design consistency across header and sidebar navigation

Looking forward to your feedback and further ideas!

Sophie @ Bold Tech :star2:


This is a great guide! Thanks for sharing, @sophie