How to change my Retool Self-Hosted payment method?

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. Please help, I need to change the payment method for my Self-Hosted Retool installation v. 2.72.37 (Enterprise Plan), as the credit card I had registered has expired. I've tried to follow some tutorials I've seen in the documentation, but I can't seem to find anywhere within Retool a section to change my credit card; it's not in the Billing option anywhere. I have a notice saying "your subscription is ending in 8 days," and I'm afraid Retool will stop working.

Additionally, the In-App messaging option to contact support is not functioning, and I believe it is caused by this warning message. That's why I am reaching out through this channel.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Jhon! I reached out to our billing team a few days ago and they said they'll be reaching out with a payment link :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!