How to avoid automatic Retool Cloud Updates in your App?


I've created an App in Retool Cloud, and use the Retool Db.
It is already live and in use, however at times after a Retool Cloud Update, the app changes.

For example, last month;

  • After a Retool Cloud Table update, suddenly the tooltip appeared in the table headers;
  • I believe yesterday the styling of the utils.shownotification component was updated. As all of a sudden the notifications appear at the bottom right of the screen instead of top of the screen.

How to fix this, and how to avoid automatic Retool Cloud updates.

Thanks :pray:

I've asked this question too, if the app updates and breaks for our customers that's a huge issue. I was told the only way to avoid was to go self-hosted.

If @Tess could move this to feature requests that would be swell.

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Thanks @stevenhdsdoor ! We always prioritize stability and ensuring we're not shipping breaking changes, but as you've noted, there can still be unexpected changes. We've moved this to feature requests & I'll let you know if I hear any updates on this front. Currently, Cloud organizations can't opt out of the automatic Retool updates.

If your team chooses to self host, you'll manage your own infrastructure, and therefore will have control over when the instance gets updated to a new Retool version. The self hosted plans are very similar, but have a few differences outlined in our pricing page.