How to add the view in tabbedContainer view using button click

Hey Team,
Is that possible to add views on the tabbedContainer using a button clicked,

for example, I have a tabbed Container that has a single view like this

using the click on the add button new view and their component will add to the tabbed container the view name and component data will come from the DB query.

please help me on this.

@Pradip_Kumar_Parkar i will try to figure this out and post here. Initial thoughts are setting the component in the new tab view may be difficult to do. Not sure but will try. If someone else posts before I do then great. But I will follow up asap.

UPDATE: I gave this a shot, but I do not believe this is possible as you have to enable multiple views in the container itself and I did find a way to programmatically add additional views.

Hi there! I agree with @ScottR that this isn't doable currently. We can create a feature request!

If you know the max number of views, you could create a bunch of views and then un-hide them by clicking a button:

Each view would have a corresponding temporary state variable that determines whether it is hidden

Then, your button click would update the next state variable:

Another option - if every view will have the same visual set up - is to unlink the tabs component from the container.

Then, you can have the tabs mapped from a query or temp state. Clicking the add button could trigger an additional item to the underlying tabs data. Just keep in mind that since the tabs and container are un-linked, changing the tabs won't cause the container body to change