Dynamic number of views based on Mapped Array

Is it possible to have a Tab component Mapped to a Query Result that can go from 1 to N elements linked to a container?

I tried to use a Tabbed Container but the number of views seems to be static while I need to have a Dynamic number of views.

Hey @Esteban_Sierra-Munera!

How would you want to generate the components in each tab?

If you want to do it dynamically, like in a List View, you can unlink the "Tabs" component which allows you to populate it as you would other mapped components:

From there, you can reference the selected item directly:

Or use the selected index to populate components as you would in a List View:

Feel free to import the attached JSON to play around with and let me know if that works!

I wonder if the intention here was to have dynamic container views, rather than dynamic tabs.

I find myself in the same situation here, where I want a container with multiple views, based on a dynamic data structure.

I suppose the suggestion of mapped tabs can work, but then you lose certain aspects provided by containers and views, like the transition effects, for example.

Hi @27shutterclicks! Do you mean dynamically generating components, something like this request? Or having a set number of container views that are dynamically linked to a fixed menu of tabs, perhaps similar to what the wizard component does?