How do I run a query when an input field has changed and loses focus? The Change trigger runs every time you press a key

I have a few input fields and text area fields. Right now, I want to have a Javascrip query run which passes parameters to a SQL query to update the record. The problem though is if I pick "Change" as the trigger, it runs the query every single letter you type which of course is not what I want. However, input fields only have "Submit" or Focus" and Submit seems to be what I want, however it only works if you press enter in the field once done which no one remembers to do. Focus seems to be for when it gains focus and not loses it.

To clarify, here's an input area field:

I have "Change" set as the event trigger, yet every letter you type triggers the query, so when this started empty, it then ran 21 times instead of just once when exiting the field.

Hello, inputs have this event handler called Blur

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