How do i append an array of data into a google sheet?

Hello, im trying to append an array of data to a Google spreadsheet
I have connected the Google sheet as a resource.
I have two simple queries that return account data from two different databases.

I created another JS query that combined the data into array from both DB
and it retrieves properly.

When I'm trying to append this data to a Google sheet im getting this error:
Unable to parse range: Account flow!A1:ZZ1

(I did not specify any range)

Account flow is the name of the file

this is what I defined

appreciate any help!

What is the name of the sheet? That is what you need to put in "Sheet Name" field.

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@shaya Thank you for that catch and response!

I reproduced the bug and adding in the sheet named based on the tab at the bottom of the google sheet page is the correct fix for the error message @Niv_Elazari showed in his screenshot.

Hope this helped!