Invalid Data to Append Regardless of what data I have


I'm running into an issue where whenever I call a query to update a google sheet, I run into an "Invalid data to append error." Here is what I originally had for the query:

Even though the query shows that every value is valid, I still get the invalid data to append error. Then, I changed it to absolutely make sure that my data was valid and still got the same error:

I also checked the filter and at least according to the console, it's working as I intended. The only other reason I can think of why I'm getting this error is because of the sheet itself, but as far as I can tell there's nothing wrong with it. I'm pretty lost as to how to fix this error, so any help would be appreciated.

Hi @nikhilmurthy, I think the reason there is you are not following the expected input for the "Values to update" field. The note there indicated what format it should be:

  • An array of arrays
  • An array of objects
  • the column data format that SQL Queries return

On your examples, you are only passing a single object. If you are only intending to update one row, then encapsulate the object into an array:

 (your attributes here)
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hey jocen, I figured out the issue and it was a different fix — seemed to be a formatting issue when comparing my sheets columns and table columns. thanks for the answer regardless!

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