"Append data to spreadsheet" is missing "Sheet name" field

  • Goal: Append data to 2nd sheet in a Google Sheets document

  • Steps: Trying to specify the Sheet Name of the second sheet, so the data does not get added to the first sheet. In discussions such as this one or this one, the "Sheet name" field is clearly missing, but the field seems to be missing in Retool at the moment. I don't have the option to specify a sheet name, no matter what I try.

  • Details: See both attachments for a difference between the screenshot someone else took (containing a "sheet name" field) and my own screenshot (not containing a "sheet name" field).

  • Screenshots:

Can someone tell me why the field is missing now, or how to use a different sheet than the first sheet?

Thanks very much!

Sorry, I wrote that wrong and don't know how to edit my post.

I meant to say.. in the two linked examples, the field is clearly present.
But in my screen it is missing.

Or how can I get around this and specify the sheet name?