How do I add a new video column or a dynamic video object?

So I have item grid - a column can be image or video. I tried to add the column as HTML and use the following code to show image/video:

{{ currentRow.video_url != '' 
'<video height="100px" poster="' + currentRow.image_url + '"> <source src="' + currentRow.video_url + '" type="video/mp4" /> </video>'
'<img height="100px" src="' + currentRow.image_url + '" />'

Image portion works/shows fine, but not the video (column is just empty). I also thought of doing this as a video object where the user clicks to view the video, a modal pops up and inserts the video url into the video object:

video1.src =;;

However, the video is still on Astley. I confirmed that video1.src is indeed pointing to the correct video, just seems like it is not refreshed/reloaded.

Any input would be appreciated.

Unfortunately you are not able to set the url in this way video1.src = , but you should be able to set the url dynamically in the video component within the modal like so:


Thanks for posting the solution here so it will be searchable for others in the future :raised_hands:

Thank you for the solution :slight_smile: