How do I access / map referenced data for a list component? (REST API)

Here's the context:

  • 1x Table with data loaded via API endpoint from a search query (basically id matching)
  • 1x List component with a Button component in it.

The table data is for a list of users.

I want to select a row on the table, show this row's data in other components (works fine for texts etc)

but I want the list component to show me all the cars this users has. So the user data has
{ user: id, name: bob, cars { {car_id:1, car_name: jane }, {car_id:2, car_name: meg} } }

How do I access the cars inside the cars[] array and list then in per button.

I know this should be something like {{[i].cars}} but this doesn't work.


Hey @toby!

Happy to help here! Its a little hard to say without seeing your full setup but you should be able to reference this with something like {{[i]}} if you set the length of the listview to be {{}} if cars is an array. Does this work for your use case here?