ListView help with columns and JSON api

I've got an app I'm building that has a lot of text and numbers to display. I would like to have a 'card' that displays text information in 2 columns. The list view seems capable of that, only I can't figure out how to make it work. I have an API that pulls in data. The data I want to display is nested in the API response as a subsection. I want to display that information in the columns.

What do I need to do? For example, I want to show the customer data from this response:

"Application": {
	"AppSummary": {
		"submission_id": "5558504317228427308",
	"Customer": {
		"name": "John Smith",
                    "state": "TX",
                    "zipcode": "77337"

Hi, is keyvalue component meet your need?

because the data your offered is not an array, so it seem you can't use listview

Here is docs of keyvalue

and listview tutorial

The key value component does work, but the data is in one column. I'm trying to have some data side by side to.
(I'm also trying to learn how to use the listview since I have a lot more data that also could benefit from the column approach

ok, pls try it.

there is a nested listView demo, you can download the json and upload to create your app to check it figure out how it work.

Hey @GG2! Curious to know if you were able to figure things out here with your List View. If not, would you mind sharing more of your data? I'm wondering specifically how it's organized into multiple rows as that's key to how you'll need to display it in the component as @AnsonHwang mentioned.