Retool environment

i want to duplicate my environment so i can quickly edit the duplicate environment and make it new environment instead of creating a new environment from scratch

Hi @Moez_Nazir1 Thanks for reaching out. When you say environment, do you mean this feature on the resource credentials?

Actually, I know the database is different in each environment just like that I want to have different apps in different environments. for now when I change anything in an app or module it is reflecting in all the environment I actually want my app and modules behave differently on different environment. Just like the concept of branching in github.
Is that possible here in retool?

Got it! Enterprise accounts get access to source control where you can create different branches of your apps. With Enterprise self hosted accounts, you can also spin up different instances of Retool. You could have a staging instance that devs use for building and then a production instance that end users access. I don't have a great suggestion for non-Enterprise accounts currently.

You can read more about Enterprise features and inquire about a demo here.