Three installation environments with the Self-hosted business plan

We are currently utilizing the Self-hosted business plan and have a few inquiries to discuss.
Our infrastructure is comprised of three components: a, b, and production, each segregated into different networks, making inter-network calls impossible.
In the scenario where we install Retool in the production environment, due to security reasons, we cannot call our internal servers, a and b resources, necessitating separate installations for each environment. Each environment requires a 1:1 matching of Retool servers and our server resources.

  1. Is it possible to set up three installation environments with the current Self-hosted business plan we are using?
  2. Can applications, workflows, resources, etc., be exported and imported all at once within the installation environment?

Hey @sh.park! Unfortunately the answer to both of your inquiries is no. Though, they are both possible on the Enterprise plan.

  1. Only self-hosted keys on an Enterprise plan are allowed to be used in multiple deployments. Business plan ssop keys are restricted to one instance.
  2. This would mostly likely be done with Source Control, which is currently an Enterprise only feature.