How can I access the response from 'Create a Spreadsheet' action?

I want to set up the ability to:

  1. Create a new Google Sheet
  2. Append data from a Retool table into that Google Sheet
  3. Present the user with a link to that Google Sheet

#1 I get through with no problem.

The issue is that I need to capture the spreadsheetId associated with the newly created Google Sheet so that I can create a new query to append data. However, even though the spreadsheetId is clearly in the response from my Create a Spreadsheet action, I can’t seem to access it.

Here’s the response where we can clearly see the spreadsheetId:

However, in the left panel the data and spreadsheetId fields are both null, so I can’t access the response.

Would love anyone’s thoughts!

Hey Garret - when you “preview” a query, it doesn’t actually change the state of the Retool app! If you connect this query to a button or something, then trigger it, you’ll be able to access the variables how you expect.

Ah got it that worked thanks for the quick response!