Struggling with Google Sheet Bulk Update

I have a SQL query running and I want to push the results of this to a google sheet document.
The columns are based on the current month and the values are the last known value for each company.
This is an example of the table.

Name 10/23 11/23 12/23 01/24 02/24
62620 2
62950 1
62843 3
63716 2
62964 2
62514 2
63498 2
64147 1
63421 2
64014 1

Now if there is a new value for 10/23 I want Retool to overwrite the previous value.
I have tried the "Update spreadsheet" & "bulk update spreadsheet by primary key".
"Update spreadsheet" runs successfully in retool, but does not update the sheets and I cant even get Bulk update to start.
Can anyone give me some advice on how to get going with this?
I have added a screenshot of the "Update spreadsheet" taht I use now.

Does anyone have an update on this please?

Would be great if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance

Hi @Marijn_Q What does your spreadsheet look like? Is the first screenshot from Sheets or SQL?

Here's an example spreadsheet:

If I want to update row 1, I'll filter for the row where id = 1. Then, in the update value, I can add any key value pairs that I want to change:

Does your spreadsheet have duplicate Names or dates where you need to filter by both of those columns?

Google sheets can also be tricky where the column name needs to match exactly in your 'Update value' section. If you have any trailing spaces or upper/lower case letters on the Google Sheets side, it needs to match in the update query

If you get the update spreadsheet query working, you can use a JS loop to go through each row from SQL and pass it to the spreadsheet using .trigger():

I think the problem is arising when trying to use javascript to reference the filter column. @Tess you have specified "Id" as the filter but if you were to reference something like {{data.value}}, even if that results in "Id" it wont work on the google sheet. I think this is a retool bug as there is no reason this should not work. Please see screenshots as an example:

This works fine:

But this isnt working:

Ive ran a quick check and the output of the Javascript is an exact match to the string - is thsi a retool bug?

Interesting :thinking: I'm seeing the same issue @Joe_David I'll report this bug to our team

thank you @Tess, please let me know how they get on, would be super useful as i need to release a new custom app :grin:

Hi @Joe_David, we currently don't support dynamic value for the key of the filter by section, only the value. I'll mark it down as a feature request and discuss with the team to prioritize that.